STYLE IT: Date night hair +OOTD

Ever since this instagram post, I have had requests for my bad ass tailors number which I will share through inbox now that I am not sure I have a link to her Facebook account. In this post, is another of her creations as well… different materials in different style.

So as you probably know… read as: seen on my Instagram, (if you haven’t you need to keep up by hitting this FOLLOW button otherwise you get stale news) B is a doctor now… or shall we say he graduated, and of course we had to do a little celebration read as: bff dance! Therefore last weekend, the dance that usually involves us eating ourselves to stupor (temperate stupor) had us exploring a vegetarian restaurant in Diamond plaza… which will be a post for another day, but O need to say the food was absolutely lovely.

Seeing that I had less than an hour to do my hair and dress up I quickly undid my two strand twists that I had been wearing for two weeks and finger combed it. My hair was a little dry, so I moisturized it with my conditioner before swooping the back area. I did a recreation of the hair the next day and this is how it turned out!!


Shoes-Thrifted at B.S

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Love and love


Gentle Reminder

Heyy you!! Yes you reading this… you have gotten to the end of October. Congratulations!! I hope it was not too hard on you…

I’m seated here on my bed typing, and I can’t shut this nudging feeling to put down this gentle reminders not only for you but for me too. You see, I’m currently not having a very relaxed mind, and that is partly because I feel like everybody in the world needs me… and not in a good way. More like in a way that stretches you and really drains you as it were. Technically it shouldn’t bother me, but it’s almost like I should switch off my phone and almost take a communication cleanse (which I will eventually, right now they may be some pressing matters preventing me from doing so)

You are enough… yes you are enough… you actually need to believe this. Sometimes in a quest to make a couple of people happy, you forget that you are actually more than enough. You are smart, you are beautiful and you are unique which is your greatest asset.

You will always be too much of something to someone, and it is not necessarily a bad thing, make peace with that. Everyone definitely has an opinion, and is entitled to one just as much as you are entitled to the choice of whether to take it or not.

You need time for yourself as well… to unwind, to release and to recharge. Nobody feeds fro am empty source, and in order for you to be as awesome and as effective as you ought, you need to take time off. That spa, that gym, that forest or that silent retreat, just for you. Don’t allow yourself to be drained by family or friends or your relationships… take time off.

Learn to say NO (note to self). Know when you can’t do it, it is okay to be tired or to have too much to do. It is okay not to want to see people and to recoil and cocoon and think about life.

SMILE often… even if it is the smile after slaying your hair and you are pouting and goofing on the mirror. Try and build joy from within and resist the urge to lapse into negativity. Keep up positive vibes and cut off negative influence.

DREAM big… it is okay to do so… PUSH yourself to achieve the dreams you have set… overcome the urge to be complacent and stay CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT!!

PRAY!!! (says prayer) talk to HIM, it is so therapeutic and it helps a lot!! HE is the real MvP trust me!!

Most of all, try each and everyday to love and appreciate who you are, and what you do to make the world a better place for someone.

Love and love


Confidence…the struggle

Hey people

I have a confession to make. So if you have met me before, you probably know that I am one of the people who pretty much have their lives together. I have really supportive parents and a great best friend who couples up as bae (read as the “one”) and the best sisters you could ask for. Generally my squad is dope! And as you would expect my life is set.

End of illusion and now welcome to the real world. I know it sounds cliché but the truth is my life is quite the contrary, and no it’s not because of family or bae. I happen to be one of the most freak-out-iy (I proudly created this word and claim all rights to it) person ever! Yes, I worry a lot and are very quick to discredit myself.

You see when I say that I am not the most confident person lots of my friends and acquaintances will dispute that, I mean I’m all about asking questions and dishing opinions here and there. In fact I’m usually the class perfect back-up vote of thanks person. But for some reason I have bouts of low confidence moments that hit hard. And they hit more frequently than I like to admit.

I had such a week ago and of course you know that the week was mostly a slump. I didn’t even feel like waking up or doing anything. It was just like dig a hole and bury yourself in there kind of mentality. the good news is that the cloud usually finally lifts even if it’s only for a bit. When it does, feel free to enjoy the sunshine that peeks through (and I’d say enjoy it to the maximum.)

I thought I’d share with you a couple of ways I try to deal with these days

  1. Get a cheerleader

This is your real squad, those who challenge you and point out your awesomenesss. It could be one person or many depending on you. Your family may be a good place to start or your significant other. Share with them what you are going through and be honest about it even though it is a small thing. Usually a cup of tea or juice or your favourite ice-cream later, you will be so full of positive vibes you will be amazed.

It would be important to state here that you should really avoid anyone who belittles your emotion because you will end up feeling twice as bad.

2. Do something you love

Yes, your hobby like swimming, colouring or hiking etc. just do something that redirects your energy. This helps to distract you and chances are you may be fairly good at it so why not.

3.Try and avoid the trigger

If it is a person or circumstance that you can avoid please do. Hanging around them will only make it worse!! If you can’t avoid then try to limit exposure .

Also talking to HIM helps a lot it’s probably the best solution, but there are times that I have been in such a hole that I didn’t think HE would listen to me anyway. Here is where a bestie comes in because, they pray for you (which is a plus) and pray with you which is super awesome!!!

How else do you deal with low moments? I would love to know.




Hello loves,

Saying that I have missed being here is an understatement. Really wanted to be around, but I have been so busy here there and everywhere. Let’s just say, life happened but I am back and hopefully to share all that my journey has taught me. How have you been?

One of the most fulfilling things in life is coming to the realization that simplicity is the cure to most of life’s problems. Life as it is, is hard enough and being very up-tight about life only serves to make unpleasant even the more.

Simplicity is being content with who you are, loving every inch of you. Now don’t get me wrong, contentment doesn’t mean that you sit and stop improving. It just means that you be happy with yourself and appreciate where you are right now and see it as an opportunity to become greater by the day.

Simplicity is appreciating the little things in life, like the smile from the stranger, or the thoughtful text from your friend to wish you a nice day. It could be the call from your friend or the bouquet of flowers from the bae.

Simplicity is accepting people as they are and choosing to see the best in them. Choosing to make peace with their weaknesses and celebrating their strengths. Being absolutely cool with them and harnessing positive energy from them.

Simplicity is knowing that you are not perfect and too good. It is being able to learn something new each day as pertaining to life, from old and young alike. Appreciating that everyone has something to teach you no matter how much they don’t look like it.

Simplicity is understanding that life starts from the bottom. Accepting your current financial situation and taking it as a motivation to work even harder to realize your dreams. It is refusing to want to match up and compare yourself with others, refusing to get caught up in the evils of trying to look like other people. Simplicity is refusing the problematic cash dishes from the sponsor because you understand that you should work for your own money.

Simplicity is loving the bae, putting your future to perspective and working together towards it. It is letting her/him achieve their goals and hearts desires. It is loving them for who they are rather than who you think they should be.

Simplicity is an attitude. An attitude that sees life differently, an attitude that views situations positively. The smile at the end of a bad situation, the belief that everything will fall into place finally.

Simplicity is being un-apologetically you.



What love is | a weird combination

Heyy everyone…

One of the hardest things to do on social media is being absolutely honest. There is this pressure in social media in general to look like you have all your act together. It’s kind of an addictive habit, but once in a while… the world caves in for us and it’s healthy to admit that we have trouble trying to achieve what we have put our minds to. It’s a healthy part of your life.

It feels good to be back after one month. I’m really sorry for the absence; let us just say life happens. Lots of stuff has been going on which made it a little hard to come on here and share a thought or two. That notwithstanding, I’m back. How have you been holding up?

I was going to share food ideas today, (or should I say that was the original intention of this post) but something more touching occurred. As I mentioned earlier, life has been happening a lot and not necessarily in the positive. I have had more than one emotional breakdowns in the past couple of weeks, and this is usually the time creativity flies out of the window. Let’s call this the meh moments. Technically content creation has been the last thing on my mind.

One day when I was particularly low, I got these whatsapp texts from B that put a huge smile on my face. Turns out he went to the kitchen and prepped a meal and took his time to document it so that I can blog it up here. So this post isn’t really about food per se… (This is assuming we can all fry potatoes or at least have some form of knowledge on how to do so) it’s really about the thought behind it.

B doesn’t exactly light up to the thought of cooking much less alone. So for him to get down to preparing a meal however basic and take his time to do it well means a lot. In addition to that, he takes time to document it for me (considering the anti-photocity (is this even a word?) of the male gender) #instagramhusband .

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” -C.S Lewis

It is not in the big things… but in the small things that love is expressed.

How have you been shown love in a small way that absolutely blew your mind away?

Love and love